Rebirth Issue 4: Forever Epic Overview

Rebirth Issue 4: Forever Epic Overview

Rebirth Issue 4: Forever Epic transforms Peacebringers and Warshades into the mighty epic archetypes they were meant to be!

That's just the warm-up! Costumes get their own epic glow-up with Glowing Skins!

We added two new origin-themed pool power sets: Gadgetry and Force of Will. Two all-new epic power sets for Defenders and Corruptors; Inferno Mastery and Frost Mastery. Trick Arrow finally realizes its potential with new, unique synergy mechanics.

And while we were at it we've taken visual options up a notch with Cel Shading (a port from SCoRE) and High Contrast Menus.

Get ready! Rebirth Issue 4 is Forever EPIC!

Kheldian Revamp

Until now, mechanical issues have discouraged the use of shapeshifting, the core aspect of the archetype, and prevented Peacebringers and Warshades from living up to their title as the original Epic Archetypes. Newer systems have given us a chance to unlock their true potential.

Rebirth Issue 4

Toggle Suppression

Toggles no longer turn off when shape-shifting into Nova or Dwarf forms. Instead, their power effects suppress and they are granted endurance to offset their endurance cost.

Shapeshift Power Expansion

Nova and Dwarf forms have been expanded allowing them to round out their unique powers, abilities, and play style.

Rebirth Issue 4 Rebirth Issue 4

More Efficient Slotting

You no longer need to enhance your Nova or Dwarf powers separately. Instead, for example, when you slot and enhance your human form version of Gleaming Bolt, you will simultaneously be improving the Bright Nova Bolt used while in Nova form.

Respec your existing Peacebringers and Warshades to obtain More Efficient Slotting if they were created before Rebirth Issue 4.

Seamless Travel Transformation

Travel powers can now be used in any form but activating them while in Nova form or Dwarf form returns Kheldians to their original form.

Power & Archetype Tweaks

This is a mostly subtle fine tuning of specific powers to smooth out the experience. For example, Essence Drain received the same improvements that its sister power Siphon Life received back in Issue 13.

Glowing Costumes and Skins

Get ready to shine! Glowing skins have been added to the character creator. You have multiple varieties to choose from! Give your character a Prismatic rainbow mohawk! Make a ghost in Spectral armor! Or make a character entirely out of roiling Sand! Many glowing skins support pattern masks for deeper customization.

Choose from over 11 styles of glows and skins.

Rebirth Issue 4

Each style of glow has unique proporties, perfect for expressing creativity. Mix and match styles together and get ready to dream big!

Costume Additions

Samurai Menpo and Oni Guard Added for Standard, Full Mask, Hats, and Hood categories for male, female, and huge. Previously they were only available on Half Helmets.

New Lowered Hood costume for Male, Female, and Huge.

New Wake Path Aura added to Path Auras. Ride the wave!

New Epic and Pool Power Sets

New Pool Power Set: Gadgetry

Gadgetry gives you access to highly advanced technology to weaken or blast your foes. This power pool gives you access to a jetpack as your travel power. While your jetpack is active you gain access to a Turbo Charge power which allows you to fly even faster for a short time. Gadgetry is an origin-themed power pool that is mutually exclusive with Sorcery and Force of Will.

New Pool Power Set: Force of Will

Force of Will grants you access to various powers that allow you to manifest your own willpower and use it to harm your foes. This power pool gives you access to Mighty Leap as your travel power, which allows you to leap great distances. Additionally, while Mighty Leap is active you gain access to Stomp. Use the Stomp power to knockdown nearby foes. Force of Will is an origin-themed power pool that is mutually exclusive with Sorcery and Gadgetry.

Inferno & Frost Epic Power Sets for Defenders & Corruptors

Fire and Ice themed epic power sets were added for Corruptors and Defenders, to expand the options available to these archetypes to better match the full thematic variety of their primary and secondary powersets.

Rebirth Issue 4 Rebirth Issue 4

Trick Arrow Revamp

Trick Arrow has finally received its long-awaited revamp! Long overshadowed by other support sets, Trick Arrow now moves into the light with a set of improvements to its powers as well as a new power synergy system. Many Trick Arrow powers have been brought up to par with their relatives in other sets, giving the set a much more reasonable baseline performance.

Additionally, using two or more Trick Arrow powers in a row can now have bonus synergy effects that are more than the sum of their parts, giving Trick Arrow users new and interesting ways to torment their foes with sharp pointy sticks!

Cel Shading

Experience Paragon City and the Rogue Isles in stunning detail. Fans of the graphic rendering style, cel shading, can rejoice! We have introduced cel shading into the graphic options.

To use Cel Shading simply navigate to Menu, Options, Graphics and Audio, (enable) Experimental Graphics Settings, and (enable) Cel Shader. This is a port of the SCoRE Cel Shader feature.

Rebirth Issue 4 Rebirth Issue 4 Rebirth Issue 4
Rebirth Issue 4 Rebirth Issue 4 Sentinel

Quality of Life

New Rebirth Global Chat Channel: This new server-wide global chat channel makes it even easier to keep up with City live.

High Contrast Menus

If you've ever found menus hard to read this option is for you. High Contrast Menus flattens the texture of some of the game's interface buttons. We plan to expand this feature to more places over time. For now, this only affects the costume management screens.

Enable this setting by navigating to Menu > General > Miscellaneous > High Contrast Interface.

Rebirth Issue 4 Rebirth Issue 4 Rebirth Issue 4

New Power Customizations:

  • Shadow Cloak (Warshade): "No Fade" option so your character won't turn invisible.

  • Char & Cinders: "Fiery Binds" visual customization option. This includes epic pool versions of Char as well.

Changes to Powers

Consume (all versions): Duration on minor recovery effect increased from 15s to 30s. Recharge reduced from 180s to 120s (primary/secondary versions) or from 360s to 180s (epic pool versions).


Electric Armor - Power Surge no longer has a hard crash. Its recharge time and effect duration have been reduced to make the power more available. While active you become extremely resistant to all damage.

Savage Melee animations, FX, and sounds have been amped up. Now you can unleash the fury of Salvage Melee.


Assault Rifle/Military Assault - Sniper Rifle: Fixed multiple issues that prevented Sniper Rifle from firing correctly both in normal snipe and quick snipe versions.


Infiltrator Training: Intrusion now grants a global endurance discount effect when active.

For all the details, view the Rebirth Issue 4 Release Notes.