Issue 7 Overview

Issue 7 Overview

New High Level Zones

Grandville (Levels 40-50, PVE, COV only) – A vertical zone, Grandville contains Spider City, the capital of Arachnos™, where players encounter mutated Arachnoids and a huge new cast of characters including Lord Recluse™ himself!

Recluse’s Victory (Levels 40-50, PVP, COV and COH) – Recluse’s Victory represents the villains’ assault on Paragon City™. Heroes and villains battle for control points, use heavy artillery to their advantage, and watch the zone change dynamically as a result of their efforts.

Mayhem Missions (Villains only)

Take villainy to the streets of Paragon City with tense new timed missions among destructible environments, which also unlock multiple random events. Players harass citizens, rob stores, destroy property, plant bombs and battle the police in these exciting open-ended timed missions. Causing extra mayhem results in bonus rewards!

Other New Missions (Villains only)

Over 300 new missions, including new custom missions, take villain players from levels 40 to 50. Choose signature villains as Patrons to unlock more exclusive mission content and additional unique powers!

Patron Powers (Villains only)

Villain players can select unique new Patron Power Pools based on the specific signature villain that they select (Scirocco™, Black Scorpion™, Ghost Widow™, Captain Mako™). For example, Captain Mako’s Spirit Shark power releases lunging shark spirits towards opponents!

New Power Sets! (Villains only)

Introducing new Power Sets with which players can expand the choices of some of their favorite villain archetypes.

  • Electric Melee, Electric Armor (Brute)
  • Thug pets (Mastermind)
  • Dark Armor, Dark Melee (Stalker)

New Base Features (Heroes and Villains)

Players can take their bases to the next level with Storage Items, Empowerment Stations, Supergroup Banners, and Base Color Tinting.

Quality of Life Features: (Heroes and Villains)

New Global Chat and UI features improve the overall ‘City of’ experience.

CoH Art Upgrades (Heroes)

City of Heroes gains reflective windows, added bump and specular mapping, a variety of higher resolution textures, and full screen depth of field effects.