Issue 17 Overview

Issue 17 Overview

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."

With the release of Issue 17: Dark Mirror, the newest free update of City of Heroes®, the game you love now has the visual depth, contrast, and richness it deserves! Dark Mirror includes a superior graphics rendering process, dubbed "Ultra Mode," that gives City of Heroes a heightened level of detail in lighting, reflections, shadows, and water effects. Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™ have never looked better.

Ultra Mode

Experience Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™ in stunning detail. The graphics engine has received a spectacular upgrade and now provides more visual depth, contrast, and richness. Water surfaces now ripple realistically and reflect the world around them. Shadows are deeper, sharper, and move according to the time of day. Get more specifics and more screenshot examples of the difference in the Visual Guide to Ultra Mode Graphics.

Ultra Mode

New Stories

Issue 17 begins a whole new story for your Hero or Villain that leads to City of Heroes Going Rogue™. The signature Positron Task Force has been split into two halves and upgraded. Its new, dramatic final battle now incorporates the mysterious Issue 17 enemy. The Silver Mantis Task Force is now available to all Villains, not just Super Groups.

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New Power Sets

Issue 17 gives players who have prepurchased City of Heroes Going Rogue the opportunity to play with two of the new power sets early:

Dual Pistols: The Dual Pistols power set for Blasters, Corruptors, and Defenders is at your fingertips. Wield two pistols with swappable ammo, and customize your powers for nearly any situation.
Demon Summoning: The newest power set for Masterminds allows you to call up powerful monsters to devastate your foes. Armed with your hellfire whip, you can order your demons to lay waste your foes or smite them with your whip's fire and toxic damage.

Demon Summoning Dual Pistols

Consignment House UI Upgrades

The Consignment House has an enhanced UI. The features of this extensive upgrades are highlighted (with screen shots!) in the Consignment House UI Upgrades page.

In-Game Mail Improvements

You will now be able to send Influence, Infamy, Enhancements or even tradable Inspirations to any global name (@globalname), including your own characters. Mail with attachments cannot be deleted until the attachment is claimed, though mail with attachments can be returned to sender. You can only claim attachments sent by characters of the same faction. (Heroes can only receive attachments to Heroes. Villains can only receive attachments to Villains.) You can only keep 20 pieces of mail in your inbox. Mail sent to a full mailbox will bounce. (Bounced mail can exceed the cap.) If you are at the cap, you cannot send mail.

Mission Architect Upgrades

We've added more features to the Mission Architect system, allowing you even greater creativity.

  • Face off against giant foes such as Jack in Irons, Kronos Titan, or Ghost of Scrapyard.
  • Twenty-five unique maps.
  • Doubled file size, allowing for longer and more complicated story arcs.
  • And many more features to let you write the story you've always wanted.


More New Content and Features

  • New emotes and badges.
  • Cleaner and more consistent way to find and craft temporary powers.
  • Epic Archetypes are now unlocked at Level 20.
  • Vigilance for Defenders is upgraded, allowing Defenders to solo more easily.
  • Your character can now have up to seven active missions
  • Animated tails!